The Process Mind: New Thoughtware for
Designing Your Business on Purpose

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What if you could double your productivity without additional capital investment? What if you could outperform your competition by changing the way you think? What if you could be fast, flexible and low cost? In The Process Mind, Philip Kirby not only opens your mind to the possibilities but shows you how it is done. And emphatically makes the case that the new thoughtware® of process thinking is imperative if you are to compete in the 21st century.

One of the unique aspects of this book is the magnitude of performance improvement results companies have achieved. Kirby’s track record is so exceptional that today he can “guarantee” customers a 50% improvement in performance.

Kirby’s worldwide cross-section of customers stretches from the jungles of Batam, Indonesia to Kokkola, Finland and includes organizations from finance (The World Bank) and airlines (WestJet) to manufacturing (Ingersoll Rand), service (Tim Hortons) and government (Passport Canada). In this book, Kirby demonstrates how old thoughtware deems fast, flexible and low cost to be a paradox--thinking fast increases costs and decreases quality; thinking flexible slows things down and escalates price; and low cost means standardization without customization or variety. Everything seems contradictory – except to the new thoughtware of the process mind.

Business performance is rooted in the guts of your business—in your processes – and superior performance depends on the way you think about and run these processes. To improve and sustain performance, you need a process mind.


With game-changing thinking, thought-provoking principles and eye-opening examples, Kirby brings to life the operating intelligence of a process mind and demonstrates why process is the most innovative product you can build. 
He states, unequivocally:
  • Customer value is always the purpose of a process
  • Shareholder value is a process specification, not the purpose of a business
  • Wherever there is an exchange of information, there is a process
  • 95% of a process is not work, it is stuff that gets in the way of work
  • Having no problems is the worst problem of all
  • If you can’t see the process, you can’t see the problem
  • If you give employees a bad process, it is not only disrespectful but debilitates organizational performance
  • If you focus on process, you will eliminate waste, engage employees and generate far superior performance

The principles, practices and documented results covered in this book, from the shop floor to the corner office, make it a compelling and inspiring must-read. 


  • The Chennai Paradox
  • Apple's Little Secret 
  • History Repeats Itself—Unfortunately 
  • The No. 1 Root Cause
  • Process Design and Respect for People
  • The Primacy of Process
  • Performance on Purpose
  • Measure What Matters, Not What is Easy
  • Action: Experimentation and the Scientific Method
  • How to Conduct a Treasure Hunt
  • The Experiment: Creating a Process-Focused Organization
  • Carrots Aren't for Everybody 

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What Process Thinking Is All About

"This book is chock-full of what process thinking is all about. By adopting the principles and methods of The Process Mind, we have never been better at meeting customers' needs with more efficient and flexible processes, and all at lower costs."

Gary Haley, CEO,
Vantage Foods, Canada

Recruitment Process

"I have worked with Phil Kirby on identifying improvements to a recruitment process. The results were immediate. The time required to fill a role fell by 25%, the number of steps in the hiring process were halved, turnover rates fell, with more recruits making it past the crucial first 90 days on the job. Cost per hire dropped 34%. Read The Process Mind, you owe it to those who work for you."

Liza Provenzano, Human Resources Executive and Founder, SparkHR Inc.