The Process Mind - Testimonials

Reduces cycle times... opens capacity...

"What Phil Kirby has done for Bostik's business in the Americas has been transformational and this insightful book covers all the reasons why process thinking is so critical. The Process Mind business model opens capacity, reduces cycle times, improves quality, improves customer service and enhances the safety environment. Incredibly, we spent almost zero capital and employees have never been more engaged."

Bob Marquette, CEO, Bostik, USA

"I have worked with Phil Kirby in several companies over the years and with his help we have delivered consistent year-over-year financial growth while improving our work place. If you're serious about organizational change, you have to change the way you think! This book tells you how to do it."

Eric Sejourne, Group VP, Assa Abloy, USA

"If you want to dominate your competition and double your productivitythen Philip Kirby's business process model and The Process Mind is for you!"

Peter Psichogios, President, CSI International,Founder, Blanchard Solutions Group, part of the Ken Blanchard Companies (The One Minute Managerand Situational Leadership II – the world's most widely taught leadership development system)  

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Chock-full of what process thinking is all about...

“This book is chock-full of what process thinking is all about. By adopting the principles and methods of The Process Mind, we have never been better at meeting customers’ needs with more efficient and flexible processes, and all at lower costs.”

Gary Haley, CEO, Vantage Foods, Canada

"I have worked with Phil Kirby on identifying improvements to a recruitment process. The results were immediate. The time required to fill a role fell by 25%, the number of steps in the hiring process were halved, turnover rates fell, with more recruits making it past the crucial first 90 days on the job. Cost per hire dropped 34%. Read The Process Mind, you owe it to those who work for you.”

Liza Provenzano, Human Resources Executive and Founder, SparkHR Inc.

Phil is a master at eliminating process waste

“Phil Kirby is a master in the art of implementing continuous improvement. He combines his passion for eliminating process waste with his deep experience for engaging employees and changing behaviors. At three different companies, Phil helped me create and then implement plans and structure, which transformed our operations and delivered real business results. Now he has documented his powerful methodology in The Process Mind.”

Chris Mosby – Vice President Operations, A.W. Chesterton Company

“In The Process Mind, Kirby teaches us how to truly understand the collective thought of our organizations – the thoughtware – and then how to change it strategically, effectively and in a fact-based manner. This is a must read for anyone looking to change how they make change in their organization.”

Mary-Kay Lippert, VP Operations, Fluidigm Canada Inc

A must read...

 “We wanted to take our success to a new level and continue to improve WestJet’s on time performance – critical in the airline industry. Phil Kirby and new process thinking have been instrumental in helping us achieve higher performance. A must read for anyone who wants to find the only ”real” sustainable improvements in their business.”

Brigid Pelino, Executive Vice President People and Culture WestJet Airlines 

“The Process Mind sets out the invaluable thoughtware you need to rejuvenate and revolutionize your organization.  It’s a must read – you owe it to your teams!”

 Tony Soumas, Director-Distribution Operations and CI Strategy Consultant Tim Horton’s Inc. 

ORDER NOW The Process Mind: $49.95 US + shipping.