Process Thinking

Being fast, flexible and low cost is a business challenge—a productivity paradox—that few companies can solve.

Being fast can increase your cost and decrease your quality. Being flexible – providing variety and customization – can slow things down and escalate price. And being low cost requires standardization without variation. Your company may be good at one, maybe two, of the fast, flexible, low cost performance imperatives. But, are you good at all three?

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Being fast, flexible and low cost seems contradictory, if not impossible, except to a process mind.

Your company’s competitive advantage and customer value come primarily from your business processes, not your products and services. Your business performance is rooted in your processes. Superior performance depends on how you think about and run these processes. Discover how process thinking makes your business fast, flexible, and low cost.

Double your productivity with process thinking —guaranteed.

For over thirty years, Phil has helped hundreds of organizations around the globe focus on workflow, eliminate process waste, and engage employees. His customers have doubled their productivity without working any harder..

“With Phil’s help, we reduced our document processing by 83%. Productivity increased by 400% without working any harder.”

Chris Main, VP Customer Service & Operations, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Canada

Whether your business is small or a Fortune 500—making widgets, distributing gizmos or servicing needs—discover the revolutionary power of process thinking.

Change your thinking and your business will change itself.

“Working with Phil was eye opening. We learned that problems we normally hated are actually ‘treasures’, excellent opportunities to improve business performance.”

Juha Hiironen, Site Director, Cabb Chemicals, Finland

"This book is a must read!"

Brigid Pelino, EVP,
WestJet Airlines





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“Phil's passion and energy will capture your attention and drive you to see new ways to improve business performance. He will make you see your business in a different light.”

Michael Toussaint, Manager, Performance Improvement Engineering, and Corporate Council Chairman, Kaman Aerospace Corporation, USA