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Phil-hands-in-pocketsNot sure where to start your performance improvement journey?
Perhaps your improvement efforts aren't yielding the results you expected?
Maybe you've made great strides but aren't sure how to sustain them.

Phil can help.

For over thirty years, Phil has helped businesses – of all sizes, in all sectors – kick-start their performance improvement, problem-solve their implementation challenges, and instill a continuous performance improvement culture.

“With Phil’s help, we designed and deployed a Lean culture that engages all employees to deliver consistent year-over-year financial improvement while improving our work place.“

Eric Sejourne, VP of Lean and Operational Excellence, Assa Abloy, USA

Phil's approach...

"Your business processes, more than your products and services, determine your ability to compete, generate profit, and outperform your competition." Process is the most innovative product you can build.

"Your business likely has 95% process waste and 5% customer value." Your processes contain mostly stuff that gets in the way of work rather than value-adding work.

"You have to see your process to see your problem." When your workflow is horizontal, your waste becomes visible.

"Your primary role, as a leader, is to help your employees see waste, solve problems, and learn from mistakes." Employees are expert problem-solvers because they know the workflow best.

"You get what you measure, so you need to measure what you want to become." The greatest barrier to improving financial performance is target-obsessive management. Don't set targets; set target conditions.

“Phil made us more efficient. The results were nothing short of amazing.”

Rock Gorlich, Director, Fleet Services, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure, Canada

Become a process-thinker.

Performance improvement is less about what you do and more about how you think, your thoughtware. Performance improvement isn't a program; it's a habit, a management system, a long-term strategy. Develop a process mind.

“Phil showed us how to engage employees in eliminating waste, demonstrated the commitment to ensure Lean activities NEVER failed, and provided a system we could manage on our own moving forward.”

Chris Mosby, COO, Watts Water Technologies, USA 

“Phil is engaging, provocative, and forward moving. He will bring focus to your team and deliver tangible results right away.”

Line Montreuil-Daigle, Director of Transformation, Passport Canada

Transform your business.


 Phil Kirby guided MoldMasters through the implementation of Lean manufacturing…


Want to apply Lean continuous improvement to a non-manufacturing environment?

Read how Phil helped Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons.

Phil's results were immediate and lasting

“Phil helped us find great candidates more quickly using an improved recruitment process that cost us less money. The time required to fill a role fell by 25%, the number of steps in the hiring process were halved, turnover rates fell, with more recruits making it past the crucial first 90 days on the job. Cost per hire dropped 34%. The results were immediate and lasting.”

Liza Provenzano, VP, HR Operations, Canadian Tire Corp, Canada

Results beyond expectations

“Phil gained the confidence of our management team and achieved results well beyond what was expected. His technical, operational, and practical support enabled us to reduce our change-over times and time/quality variances. In one year, we achieved a 23% improvement in productivity, saved a lot in terms of Capex and working capital—and, we achieved a nice gain in EBITDA.”

Michel Maupu, Board Chairman, Kemfine (Finland) and Managing Partner, 3i Equity Management, London

Hire Phil

“I recommend Phil to anyone wanting to remove waste from their processes.”

Catherine Learn, Director Human Resources, Employee Service Centre & Talent Acquisition, Niagara Region


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“Phil showed us how to open capacity, reduce cycle times, radically improve our ability to service our customers, improve quality, and enhance our safety environment. Incredibility, we spent almost zero capital dollars and our employees have never been more engaged.” 
Bob Marquette, CEO, Bostik, USA