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The Productivity Paradox: See it...solve it!


What if you could double your productivity without any capital investment? What if your business could be fast, flexible, and low cost? It can be! Because the solution to this paradox is hiding in plain sight – if you know where to look.

Being fast can increase cost and decrease quality. Being flexible – providing variety and customization – can slow things down and escalate price. And being low cost requires standardization without variation. Being all three--fast, flexible and low cost--seems contradictory, if not impossible— except to a process mind.

For over thirty years, Phil Kirby has helped hundreds of companies solve this paradox, transform their businesses, and achieve unparalleled performance improvement. He says, "Your problems are hiding in plain sight; in the processes of your business, whether you are making widgets, distributing gizmos or servicing needs. You can outperform your competition by changing the way you think about process, by developing a process mind."

Phil is one of the top speakers in the world on Lean and Six Sigma.
Sermin Vanderbilt, American Quality Institute

See and solve your paradox.

In a compelling, persuasive, remarkably pragmatic talk, Phil explains where to look and what to do. He reveals how most companies are good at one, maybe two, of these performance goals but few are able to deliver on all three. Phil shares amazing performance improvement stories, drawing from his worldwide list of customers, which includes organizations from finance (The World Bank) and government (Passport Canada) to manufacturing (Ingersoll Rand), service (Tim Hortons) and airlines (WestJet).

From the boardroom to the frontlines

In a captivating, candid, conversational style, Phil takes the audience from the boardroom to the frontlines, moving easily from thought-leading management theory to roll-up-your-sleeves, in-the-trenches practices. He says, "Productivity is rooted in the guts of your business—in your processes. And superior performance—that is sustainable—depends on the way you see, think about, and run these processes." It takes a process mind, operating with new thoughtware®

“Every CEO worth his salt can benefit from Phil’s message.” Michael Kostarelas, Ausdrill, Australia

Keynote Highlights:

Discover why...

  • 95-99% of employee effort is not work but stuff that gets in the way of work

  • you will see the problem if you see the process

  • a focus on process eliminates waste, engages employees and doubles productivity

  • your competitive edge must be smart business processes.  

Philʼs Keynote is a great introduction to his Interactive Workshops.




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"If you’re serious about improving your business, you need to hear Phil. He is a dynamic and engaging presenter, with a passion for performance improvement. Lots of practical examples and clear take-away messages." 
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