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Develop your process mind in Phil's customized workshops, based on the performance improvement strategies presented in his keynote.
Phil's 2-4 hour practical workshops draw on over 30 years of performance improvement coaching and bottom-line results.

Process Thinking

Learn how to identify a process, discover and eliminate waste, create flow, and develop a problem-solving culture that engages employees. Participants receive Phil's Think Process Workbook.

Navigational Measurement

Learn how to create an effective performance measurement system using both traditional (evaluative) measures and progressive (navigational) measures.
Participants receive Phil's Performance Measurement Workbook.

“Phil creates an atmosphere that urges participants to contribute their ideas.
He engages his audience in a lively, thought-provoking dialogue”

Zev Lazic, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure

Visual Management

Learn how to use visual management to improve your business performance, optimize your workflow, expose your hidden problems and waste, and build a problem-solving environment. Participants receive Phil's Visual Management Workbook.

Process Mind Culture

Learn how to engage your employees to see and solve problems, embrace 'respect for people' techniques, and create a culture of continuous learning. Participants receive Phil's Workbook – Build a Problem-Solving Culture.

Process Mind Leadership

Learn how to develop your process leadership skills and make continuous process improvement a 'way of life' in you business. Participants receive Phil's Process Leadership Workbook. 

"This book is a must read!"

Brigid Pelino, EVP,
WestJet Airlines





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“You cannot listen to Phil without feeling his passion for improving processes. His energetic presentation style captures the audience’s attention and holds it.”
Lynne J. Marr, Director, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters