Waste is stifling your productivity, inhibiting profitability, and impeding your business growth.

Most business processes contain 95% waste and add 5% value.

  • Process waste hides everywhere, as value-less steps that have crept in over time. Waste of time, energy, motion. Waste of space, inventory, defects. Process waste hides in the how of what you do.
  • Policy waste exists because 'it's always been done that way'. Role clarity waste, goal alignment waste, checking, and missed information. Policy waste hides in the why of what you do.
  • Strategy waste results from a lack of common purpose. Waste of focus, structure, and ownership. Strategy waste hides in the core of your business.

Waste is actually hidden treasure.

Your business sits on a goldmine of opportunity—a hidden wealth of treasure that's worth its weight in gold. You just need to know where to look and what to do about it.

"Working with Phil was eye opening. We learned that problems we normally hated are actually 'treasures', excellent opportunities to improve business performance."

Juha Hiironen, Site Director, Cabb Chemicals, Finland

Double your productivity.

Tackle your waste and achieve immediate performance improvement. Master your waste and transform your bottom-line.

Go on a Treasure Hunt.

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“Phil explains why Lean is not about tools, but about mindset, culture and leadership. We're already using his ideas to train our production team in identifying wastes. We’re just getting our feet wet but the results have been excellent.”
Matthew Cook, National Operations Manager, Stair Lock International Pty Ltd., Australia