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Phil Kirby is a recognized, international expert in continuous process improvement, Lean, and overall business performance.

For over 30 years, he's helped hundreds of organizations around the globe transform their business performance through revolutionary process thinking

Phil believes your company's competitive advantage and customer value come primarily from your business processes, not your products and services. He believes your business performance is rooted in your processes and that superior performance depends on how you think about and run these processes. And, to improve and sustain performance, you need a process mind.

Phil's insights are gained through decades of successful implementation of new process thinking across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. From airlines, banks, retail and government agencies to manufacturing, supply chains, customer service centers and pharmaceutical laboratories, Phil has proven, many times over, that a business can be not only fast, but flexible and low cost, if the focus is on process. His track record is so exceptional that he can guarantee customers a 50% improvement in performance.

Phil is an internationally renowned consultant, executive coach, award-winning speaker, and author of several books, including: Thoughtware: Change the Thinking and the Organization Will Change Itself (Productivity Press, 1997); The Future: You Can't Get There from Here (OTI Inc., 2004); and The Process Mind (available Nov.2014).
Phil Kirby is founder and CEO of Organization Thoughtware International Inc. (OTI).

Change your thinking, your performance, and your business...forever.


"This book is a must read!"

Brigid Pelino, EVP,
WestJet Airlines





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“Phil's passion and energy will capture your attention and drive you to see new ways to improve business performance. He will make you see your business in a different light.”

Michael Toussaint, Manager, Performance Improvement Engineering, and Corporate Council Chairman, Kaman Aerospace Corporation, USA